Wonderoo Pocket Nappy


Wonderoo Pocket Nappy

Wonderoo v3 Pocket Nappy


Comfort – our number one priority!

  • Lined with stretchy, soft ‘stay-dry’ fleece layer to keep baby’s skin dry
  • Unique leg bindings to give maximum protection: no red marks!
  • No seams against baby’s body, so suitable for even the most sensitive skin
  • Thickness of the nappy can be altered to the occasion to make sure baby is comfortable whether its playtime or bedtime
  • Trim fitting from newborn to toddler

… convenience                                

  • One piece to put on baby – no wraps, boosters etc
  • Fasten at the waist with a simple set of poppers
  • Quick to change for little wrigglers and on-the-go-toddlers
  • Close fit and unique leg casings make for an extremely reliable and leak-resistant fit
  • Carefully combining modern technical fabrics with bamboo to give the best performance
  • Lining releases solids easily into the toilet, or flushable liners can be used
  • No soaking. Fully machine washable
  • Extremely quick to dry naturally

… and economy

  • Only one size to buy
  • Durable nappy which will wear well, wash after wash
  • Purchase a set of nappies & inserts and a storage bag or bucket and you never need to buy anything else!
  • No special soaks, detergents or liners are necessary
There are lots of pocket nappies out there - what makes wonderoo stand out from the crowd is the
Unique three stage insert system:
1. Small, contoured, fast-absorbing microterry insert for small babies
2. Large, super-absorbent, yet trim bamboo terry insert for larger babies and toddlers
3. Snap the two inserts together for maximum absorbency for nap times, car journeys etc with girl and boy snap setting.

This listing is for PUL nappies but they are also available in Minky here