Little Lamb bamboo trifold

Little Lamb

Little Lamb bamboo trifold
This bamboo insert is designed to fit inside the Little lamb sized pocket nappy but works well in the OFSA (one size fits all) and other brands of pocket nappies.

It is made from 100% Oeko-tex yarn and is woven rather than knitted to keep the bulk down.
They are 3 times as heavy as the standard bamboo booster made by Little Lamb and absorb 3 times as much liquid.
There are no seams so they will dry quicker than a similar style cotton prefold.
As they are woven and not knitted they will shrink up to 10% in size after the first few washes.
Please note they will get more absorbant after a few washes.
They are available from little lamb in 3 sizes - at Nappy Go Lucky we stock the medium size (size 2) however the other sizes can be ordered in on request.