A wrap or cover can be used over terry nappies, prefold nappies or two part nappies (ones that have no built in waterproof layer of their own).

Some wraps have a flap which makes them perfect for prefolds or pad type inserts that you simply lay in the cover such as Flips or Milovia inserts.

Some disposable inserts are also suitable to lie in wraps giving you a good option for holidays or camping trips when you can't wash your cloth nappies easily.



Blueberry Coverall

£13.50 £10.00

Bum Genius

Bum Genius Flip Nappy Cover

from £13.99

Ella's House

Ella's House applique wrap


Ella's House

Ella's House PUL wrap

from £9.50


Festive Fling

£11.99 £8.00

Little Lamb

Little Lamb Wrap



Rumparooz One size cover



Snuggleblanks Soaker