Pocket Nappies

Pocket nappies are versatile and easy to use, most pockets come in one size ( or birth to potty) so you adjust the poppers at the front to make the nappy bigger or smaller. Generally they fit from approximately 8lb to 35lb.

They are called 'pockets' because you stuff the absorbent part of the nappy into the pocket. The outer layer is usually made of PUL (polyurinate laminate) TPU or Minky/Plush fabric. The inner is usually made of microfleece or suedecloth giving the nappy a stay dry feel. Finally the insert (the absorbent part) can be made of microfibre, cotton, bamboo or hemp or a blend of these. Most pocket nappies come with some inserts and additional boosters can be added to increase absorbency.

Some brands make sized pocket nappies e.g. small, medium, large etc.